Module 3. Transacting in PEXA

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Q1. Where can you check if a Financial Institution or Practitioner is able to transact with you? Not Available
Q2. What should you do if a Financial Institution is not following the Transfer Guidelines? Not Available
Q3. What is the relevant role when you are representing a vendor (seller) in a transfer transaction? Not Available
Q4. What is the relevant role when you are representing a purchaser (buyer) in a transfer transaction? Not Available
Q5. How can you change the settlement date and/or time in PEXA? Not Available
Q6. Where in the Workspace would you navigate to create or represent your parties? Not Available
Q7. What is a positive a Title Activity Check (TAC)? Not Available
Q8. Where in the Workspace would you enter Destination Line Items? Not Available
Q9. Where you are acting as a Proprietor on Title or Incoming Proprietor and the Workspace involves a financial settlement, how are PEXA fees and Registration fees paid? Not Available
Q10. According to the Transfer Guidelines, when should the Incoming Proprietor enter in the Total Funds Required to Settle? Not Available
Q11. What is the last step required to action when completing a standalone Workspace (e.g. lodging a caveat in a Workspace with no financial settlement)? Not Available
Q12. Can you act in multiple roles and if so, where in the Workspace can you add additional roles? E.g. if you are acting for both the Incoming Proprietor and Proprietor on Title. Not Available
Q13. According to the Transfer Guidelines, what is the timeframe for accepting/declining an invitation to a Workspace? Not Available
Q14. Where in the Workspace can you check/change the order of lodgement? Not Available
Q15. According to Transfer Guidelines, when should a Workspace be created and invitations sent? Not Available
Q16. Post settlement, where do you find the Settlement Completion Record? Not Available